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Department of Pediatric Clinical Nutrition

The Department of Pediatric Clinical Nutrition accords recognition to the statement that “Children are not miniature adults”, acknowledges the express need to provide nutrition support to promote and maintain health as well to accelerate recovery and healing in the infirm child.

Malnutrition is common among hospitalized children but is often unrecognized and therefore not treated. Poor nutrition in infants and children not only has immediate consequences for health and well-being, growth, and development but can lead to long-term and intergenerational effects on health, reproduction, cognition, and chronic disease. This requires screening for nutritional risk, identification of patients who require nutritional support, provision of adequate nutritional management, education and training of hospital staff and audit of practice.

Besides acute day to day care management, the Department is also committed to evidence based documentation, development and adaptation of nutrition management protocols and research as dictated by the local demands.

Besides oral and supplemental feeding, the department renders state-of-art feeding practices such as feeding through tubes placed in stomach or intestine [enteral] and tubes placed directly into the blood streams [parenteral].