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Development is a continuous process that occurs normally in children wherein skills are acquired in various developmental domains [motor, vision, language and social].The prevalence of developmental delay in children is reported to be 1-3% worldwide.
Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, a major tertiary care teaching and referral hospital for children views developmental screening and assessment as crucial for the well being of children. With this intention, Developmental assessment clinic was established as a separate department in this institution in October 2013. Denver Developmental Screening Test is used for developmental surveillance for children aged from birth to 6 years. Children who are identified as developmental delay are subjected to further assessment and intervention services are offered. Children who have motor, visual, hearing and speech impairments are offered physiotherapy, Formal vision and hearing evaluation and speech therapy.


Our General Pediatricians are experienced in identifying which child should be referred for further evaluation.


Specialized Developmental Assessment is provided by the following:

Dr. A. Andal and Dr. B.S. Virudhagirinathan (Child Guidance Clinic – every Saturday, 10AM – 1PM)

Dr. Somasundaram, Developmental Pediatrician (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4PM – 5PM)

Some children may also be evaluated in the Child Psychology clinic by Dr. Sangeetha Madhu (every Wednesday, 4 – 7PM)