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Department of Immunisation

The immunization department has been functioning since the inception of the hospital. The department functions between 9 am-5 pm on all days except Sundays. The immunization records are updated as per the Indian Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and offered to every patient who comes for immunization. All the newer vaccines are also made available for the patients. The parents are counseled after every vaccination regarding the minor side effects and a hand out regarding the do’s and dont’s following vaccination is handed over. Catch up vaccination if any immunization is skipped is also advised. The vaccines are appropriately stored and dispensed by an experienced staff nurse. The vaccines are economically priced. We maintain strict cold chain for storage of vaccines We also promote adolescent immunization.


Consultants :

Dr.Lalitha Janakiraman, Dr.Janani Sankar, Dr.T.Vasanthi, Dr.T.Ravikumar, Dr.K.G.Ravikumar