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 Department of Occupational Therapy

The primary occupation of children is play. Through play, children learn the foundation of skills necessary for success in school, among peers, and in activities of daily living. Occupational therapists assess, utilize, and adapt everyday activities to improve function, enhance performance, promote health, and increase independence in Children.

An occupational therapy evaluation assesses a child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, handwriting skills, daily living skills, oral motor skills, and sensory processing skills. The use of standardized assessment tools, non-standardized assessment tools, parent interview, and clinical observations are done to assess the child’s performance.


Occupational therapy can provide intervention that helps children to develop appropriate social, play, and learning skills. The therapist aids the child in achieving and maintaining normal daily tasks.

Treatment focuses mainly on sensory integration therapy, which includes vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile stimulation.

Consultant: Mr. Janarthanan (Mon – Sat, 9AM – 1PM)