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COVID Restrictions…

Due to COVID Pandemic, wear mask when you visit the hospital. Sanitize your hands before entering hospital. Visiting is restricted to only 1 member of family.

Observe social distancing.

You are required to reveal the staff in the entrance if you have any fever, cough or other COVID symptoms. Children with symptoms suggestive of COVID are seen in COVID Triage area or Fever surveillance area.

General instructions

It’s good to be prepared when visiting a hospital. We provide below some simple but useful directives to help you make your hospital visit stress-free.

Please note that ours is a children hospital and patients under 18 years are seen in the hospital. If you are above 18 years you may be refused to be seen.

  • Important :

    Please do not bring healthy children to the hospital (except for vaccinations) to visit patients already admitted. This is to avoid getting infection in the hospital.

    Please strictly follow the visiting times if you are coming to visit a patient.
    Only 2 attenders will be allowed to accompany the patient. This rule will be strictly followed.

    All patients and visitors entering the hospital will be made to wear a color-coded wrist band to identify themselves.

  • General Consultation

    Patients coming for General consultation for the first time will have to register themselves at the reception. After paying the fee they will be guided to the respective out-patient consultation rooms. If you are visiting the hospital again, please remember to bring the identity card which has the unique hospital number. Most of the out-patient consulting rooms are in the first floor. Once you reach the respective consulting rooms, hand over the registration slip to the sister-in-charge and wait for your turn.

    It helps to fix an appointment when you come if it is possible. Please phone +91 44 4200 1800 ext 140 to make an appointment. Having an appointment is mandatory to see some consultants while for others, it is not a must. Please check with reception by phoning +91 44 42001800 ext 675. We endeavor to respect appointment times although some waiting may be there on certain days.

  • Surgery

    If your child requires a surgery, you will then have to see the anesthesiologist in the second floor for assessment. After this, you can go back to the surgical consultant to fix a date for surgery. On the day of the surgery, you will be required to go to the fourth floor for admission.

  • Emergency Visit

    KKCTH emergency room functions 24/7 on all days. Emergency specialties are available at all times. The Emergency Room is situated in the ground floor and this is accessible both for walking patients and for ambulances. The child will first be triaged by an experienced nurse who will then alert the medical team.

    During emergencies, patient can be taken directly to Emergency Room (ER) in the ground floor without need for registration which can be done later on.


Documents Required
  • Please bring all Original Test reports, X-ray films and any record of medical history
  • A list of medications

Languages Spoken:

In addition to English, Most of our doctors and nurses can communicate in Tamil,

Also many of our  doctors and nurses can communicate in Telugu and Hindi.