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Department of Pediatric ENT

Pediatric ENT is one of the earliest and well recognised sub specialities in ENT. Common problems specific to pediatric population are related to either hearing airway.We have facilities for holistic assessment of hearing and offer problem related solutions.

Airway problems are more common in children than in adults and are more challenging. KKCTH is one of the very few centers in the country to do Laryngotracheal reconstruction surgeries since it needs multidisciplinary team work including Pediatric ENT surgeons, Pediatric anesthesiologists, Intensivists and pediatric pulmonologists and state of the art PICU & NICU set up. Apart from routine ENT surgeries, The following airway surgeries are being done here;

  • Microlaryngeal surgeries
  • Endoscopic management of Laryngotracheal stenosis
  • Anterior cricoid split with costal cartilage Grafting
  • Posterior cricoid split with costal cartilage Grafting
  • Partial crico tracheal resection with thyrotracheal Anastamosis .
  • Tracheal resection with end to end anastamosis.

We have round the clock on call surgeons for foreign body removal from Ear, Nose, Throat, Trachea, Bronchus and Esophgus.

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