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Testimonial Dec 2017patient Testimonial

“We brought our child with fever, cough and vomiting of blood. Seeing blood was a nightmarish experience. 

The consultant’s advise on his case gave us lot of comfort and we were relieved after a nightmarish experience seeing our son throwing up blood . 
He is progressing well as of now and am sure he will get back to his normalcy quickly”
Sai Vijay, Nellore.



“We were worried about H1N1 infection and wanted to get our daughter vaccinated.

We went to see a doctor in CHILDS Trust Hospital who guided us what to do. The vaccine was administered and now we feel safe”
Deekshita, Chennai.

“Our child had high fever and suddenly started convulsing. We were told our child needs scans. But our doctor told us to go emergency at childs trust hospital.

We were promptly seen in the emergency room and we were told no scans are needed. This was a big relief for us”
Harshith, Chengalpet.