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Evening OP Facilities

From May 2023, some new facilities have been started.

  • Extended Immunisation services
  • Developmental assessment clinic
  • High Risk Newborn follow up
  • Adolescent Counselling
  • Gadget Deaddiction clinic
  • Primary Immune Deficiency clinic
  • Cystic fibrosis clinic
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Master Health Check up

Video Tele Consultation Facility- Currently NOT functioning

Due to COVID restrictions and difficulty for patients to physically visit the hospital, we had developed a android app for Video- Tele-Consultation with doctors at KKCTH. The name of the app is “kkcth child care online”. The app can be downloaded from the play store and installed in the android phone that is registered with the hospital.

As of now we are awaiting upgraded version of the software app and so the facility is not available.

Bone marrow Transplantation Facility

This has been recently started for children with hematological, metabolic and genetic disorders. Contact the department of hematology for further details.

COVID Triage, COVID testing, COVID treatment (child and adult), SARI inpatient ward treatment, COVID vaccination facilities
For further details click.
Due to COVID situation these facilities have been started. As these are continuously evolving, please contact the reception for further details.
Emergency care

At the Emergency Department, we care for children aged under 18 years. Sick children are stabilized in the Emergency room and then shifted to the appropriate wards. The emergency room is well equipped with monitors, medication and trained personnel who are available round-the-clock.

Babies less than 1 month may be referred to neonatal unit (NICU) which is situated in third floor. Patients above 18 years may be refused to be seen as this is a children’s hospital.


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Pediatric Intensive care unit

Invasive monitoring, mechanical ventilation (non-invasive, conventional and high frequency oscillation), renal replacement therapy (peritoneal and hemodialysis), plasmapheresis and sedation for procedures are just some of the facilities available at the PICU.

Tertiary level care is provided to seriously ill children from all over Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring states. Patients treated here include any critically ill child, with diseases such as severe asthma, serious infections such as malaria, TB, meningitis, Dengue fever etc. and head injuries as well as heart failure amongst others.


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Neonatal Intensive Care unit

The unit caters to high risk term and preterm neonates and offers various intensive care services including neonatal transport using mobile ambulance, conventional and high frequency ventilation, inhaled nitric oxide, peritoneal dialysis, total parenteral nutrition, central venous access, umbilical lines, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, double volume exchange transfusion, functional echocardiography and phototherapy. The unit is supported by committed services from various disciplines including bedside x-ray facility, emergency radiology, 24-hour laboratory back up, neonatal surgical specialists, paediatric cardiology, ophthalmology, endocrinology and nephrology.









Pediatric surgical services

As part of Redesigning, refurbishing all the hospital floors, the fourth floor- which is the surgical ward has been completed and was opened on 4th June 2015.  The child friendly 4th floor was inaugurated by His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi & Our beloved chairman Mr.A.C.Muthiah on 4th June 2015.

The ward is sparkling new with more single rooms with en-suite bathrooms pleasingly and aesthetically designed to the satisfaction of the families of surgical patients. We are sure these changes will make the hospital stay during the most difficult times easy and comfortable.



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4thfloor3 4thfloor


It is well recognized that minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery (“keyhole surgery”) has a significant note to play in children with surgical problems. The Department of Pediatric Surgery started performing laparoscopic procedures many years ago. Today most procedures like appendicectomy, cholecystectomy and urological procedures like orchidopexy and Mullerian remnant excision as well as tumor surgery are all done laparoscopically. Also video assisted thoracoscopy is used to deal with children who need decortication of the lung, diaphragmatic hernia etc. Minimally invasive surgery has reduced the morbidity and duration of hospital stay significantly in our patients.


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Fully Renovated and Modern Operating theatres:



All Pediatric sub specialties

KKCTH has several sub specialty clinics of pediatrics under one roof. They include Genetics and dysmorphology clinic, Obesity clinic, Diabetes clinic, Cystic fibrosis clinic, Downs syndrome clinic, Child Guidance clinic, Well baby clinic, Lactation consultation, Endocrinolgy clinic, Neurology clinic, Nephrology clinic, Pediatric Dentistry, Cardiology clinic, Growth and Development clinic, Pediatric orthopedics, Pediatric audiology, speech therapy, Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, child psychiatry and pediatric Dermatology. (Link to specialty clinics page)

Endoscopy, bronchoscopy facilities

KKCTH has state-of-the-art, modern pediatric endoscopes for conducting upper GI, Lower GI endoscopies, rigid and flexible bronchoscopies for children. These are conducted daily by appointment for elective cases and emergency at any time.


24 Hours Laboratory services

KKCTH has one of the best laboratory facilities in the city and performs several investigations round the clock.

Our Laboratory has recently been awarded NABL accreditation.


KKCTH  Lab – NABL Accreditation




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24 Hours Blood bank

In order to ensure 24 hour availability of blood and blood products, KKCTH operates a  licensed blood storage facility in conjunction with Jeevan Blood Bank, one of the leading Blood Banks in Chennai.


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Tissue storage and processing facility.

This is essential for muscle biopsy and other advanced testing. Deep storage at -20 C and -80 C are possible.


24 Hours Pharmacy

KKCTH boasts a well-stocked pharmacy that is open 24 x 7


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Ambulance equipped to handle PICU/ NICU Patients

KKCTH has 3 Ambulances with all modern equipments and facilities. It also functions as Mobile PICU or NICU.

ambu ambulance1


Immunisation for children on all days of the week

The department functions between 9 am-5 pm on all days except Sundays.

The immunization records are updated as per the IAP guidelines and offered to every patient who comes for immunization. All the newer vaccines are also made available for the patients. The parents are counselled after every vaccination regarding the minor side effects like fever, pain, swelling, redness at the vaccination site and treatment for the same. A hand out regarding the do’s and dont’s following vaccination is handed over to every parent who comes for vaccination. All children immunized are monitored for ½ hr after vaccination.


Other facilities for patients in the Ground floor Entrance





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